Managing Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment

At Benefit Labour & Recruitment Services we firmly believe in a feasible BEE process and through our experience have we developed our own unique BEE Management system. We allow for Exempt Micro Enterprises (EME), Qualifying Small Enterprise (QSE) and Generic businesses to excel consistently to reach maximum BEE levels. The uniqueness lies in managing the BEE process on behalf of the employer and do away with consulting. We rely on an outcome-based approach and with a hands-on manager at your side to take control of the process can and will we achieve the levels per company requirements. Outcomes agreed on will reflect the elements that were identified through consultation and will each be treated with the same importance to ensure a realisable and transparent process that compliments the business goals. With the choice of only a BEE Manager or Skills Manager or both will these managers act separately and interdependent to align the elements with the overall strategy. Monthly visits will include work assigned as agreed between the client and the manager for the particular month and monthly updates to the CEO will ensure that our services can be monitored. The outcomes are no easy task and to achieve a welcomed BEE score will we need to strategically plan in implement according to these.

This service includes the following:

  • Education and Information        
  • Element Identification
  • BEE Profiling & Strategy Implementation       
  • Aligning BEE -, Skills Development – & Employment Equity Acts 
  • Creating Workable and Realising BEE Scoring Opportunities  
  • Supplier Communication and Management
  • Score estimations       
  • Verification by National Accreditation Agency (fees excluded)
  • Future Scoring and Cost Evaluation, budget planning and management of the process

The verification process:

Benefit Labour adopted is one we believe is most suitable for your business.  As business and consultants, we understand your needs and will as far as possible make this process one of the least inconvenience.

We provide:

  • Benefit Labour provide assistance with the B-BBEE verification process of your business regardless of its size or industry sector. ·        
  • Every business in South Africa is unique and personal attention will be provided to ensure that BEE strategies are evaluated according to legislative requirements. "We have also partnered with various IRBA accredited Verification Agents who therefore have the unique ability to verify all charters and codes and follows the verification procedures according to guidelines from IRBA and DTI.

The process will entail the following basic steps (also described in attached Verification Process Documents):

Step 1: Issuing of quote;

Step 2: On acceptance of quote, a letter of   assistance from Benefit Labour;

Step 3: Preparation and collection of documents and   information;

Step 4: Moderation and review of prepared file;

Step 5: Issuing of draft scorecard;

Step 6: Issuing of final certificate in conformance   with IRBA and DTI

requirements (Will be performed in   another phase).

The above steps are only a summary of the process, and we would therefore like to urge you to familiarize yourself with the verification process and confirm the contents of the process and our engagement with your signature.

A simple solution to improve your BBBEEE scorecard

We are a ONE STOP SHOP, we do everything that is needed for a Business in terms of BEE Compliance: strategy, planning, implementation, recording, reporting, deliver a final end product to the verification agent.

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