Management & Placement of Internships

The specific benefits of an internship program

Internships cultivate a pool of future Entry-level hires

An intern program will create an on-going pipeline of available future entry-level hires as full-time employees that was already tried and tested in your own company as a culture fit. star interns can fill positions as they open up.

Internships cultivate a pool of fully trained Entry-level hires for the industry

Being a company that sets the benchmark the industry your employees are most probably the first ones to be poached and hired. By creating a pool of trained recruits for the industry through an Internship Program, the company's employees will not be targeted as the rest of the industry can employ more cost effective, qualified recruits available in the labour market.

Develop leadership skills in current employees

Mentoring and supervision of interns by current employees earmarked to occupy management positions will develop valuable leadership skills. Supervising, mentoring and guiding interns are less intimidating and stressful than supervising established employees and will be an opportunity to gain confidence in leadership.

Test-drive new talent without additional recruitment cost (New hires vs Interns)

Recruitment companies guarantee employee placements for a 1 to 3 month period. Experience has proven employees' making a solid impression during the interview, giving their best effort in the first view months and show their true colours after the guarantee period. Internships allows for a longer trial period for identifying the prospective employee's culture and company fit, without lost recruitment fees and salary cost.

Increase productivity and Return on Investment (ROI)

A recent NACE survey indicated that in a proper Developed Internship Program, 92% of Interns were involved in higher-level tasks contributing to additional profit of the company, and only 8% of intern tasks involved clerical or non-essential work responsibilities. A quality intern can make real contributions to productivity, helping the company’s full-time staff to avoid becoming overburdened by side projects and doing more tasks that require high-level expertise or creativity.

Become an Employer of Choice – Employ the cream of the crop

Internship Success’s Program addressing skills gaps with Soft skill Development, and the Host Employer, affecting the Interns with hard skill development, will quickly establish the company as an employer of choice employing the cream of the crop reducing the drain on the company resources such as time wasting, costly disciplinary actions, and regular hiring and firing.

Avoid a bad hire reputation from Recruitment agencies, Industry and the Labour Market

Companies with higher standards than the rest of the industry will experience bigger challenges with the availability of prospective employees in the labour market. Higher standards can result in regular disciplinary actions and greater staff turnaround should employees not be a cultural fit, reflecting badly on companies. An Intern Success Program allows the company to test-drive talent, train them to the company’s high standards and only retain interns as employees that proved to be a cultural fit.

Remove inconsistent Interns without time and effort or labour cost

Employees or new hires that are not a perfect fit for the company requires costly, lengthy training and correction or costly disciplinary

processes. Interns not complying with the company’s expectations sanctions Internship Success’s assistance with fair and just processes to all parties involved with uncomplicated, more cost effective, quicker training and development or, disciplinary procedures for correction or replacement .

A pool of future employees allows for consistent disciplinary Action

As a Small or Medium Company, the company cannot consistently apply disciplinary procedures because of fear of losing the company’s best salesman (biggest income), best accountant, or best manager since there is nobody with enough knowledge or skill to replace them with. All the institutional knowledge resides in them and they can use it willingly or unknowingly to manipulate systems, processes and procedures. Inexpensive Interns have the time to be developed into the Company’s institutional knowledge with necessary skills to allow the company the opportunity to consistently reprimand, train or replace nonconforming permanent staff and develop loyal, engaged employees.

Create Opportunities for Training and Development of permanent employees

Companies need to use permanent employees to full capacity to increase return on investment (ROI), make necessary profits and stay

competitive. This does not allow time for compulsory Health and Safety

Training, Soft Skill Training or Continues Professional Development (CPD). Well trained and disciplined Interns assisting permanent employees will

free up time for mandatory training and development.

Take advantage of “low-cost, high value” labour for Expansion or Growth of the Company

Internship Success as an inexpensive resource will develop Interns, assisting the company with anticipated expansion and growth. Adding

expensive permanent employees to realize expected expansion or growth can add strain and risk to the company. Should risk on achieving anticipated expansion or growth of the company not be realized, Interns can be released on completion of their Internship without obligation to pay severance packages or expensive and long drawn disciplinary procedures.

Give back to the community – Social Responsibility cost-effective Marketing and Public Relations tool

Hiring interns from the company’s community give them work experiential opportunities in industry and augments the local workforce as a whole. Internship Success Programs becomes an excellent, cost – effective marketing and public relations tool which motivates the community to support and promote the company as a Social Responsible Company.

Close the Skills Gap between Higher Education and Industry

Skills Gaps between Higher Education and Industry is a common problem worldwide with graduates lacking critical Soft Skills such as, EQ

(Emotional Intelligence), Time management, Professionalism, Leadership, Negotiation Skills and Effective Communication. A proper Internship Program addresses these Critical Skillsets and in conjunction with your Company will close the skills gap with real-world experience developing future Industry ready graduates for your Company.

Interns will stay in fulltime employment longer

International statistics proved that 57.7% of internships convert to full-time positions (National Association of Colleges and Employers – 2010) and Interns recruited as employees are more loyal, productive, efficient, engaged and likely to stay longer in employment at the company than non-intern recruits.

Mentoring and guiding interns serve as motivation and growth for permanent employees

An Intern Success Program often motivates employees, hold themselves more accountable and become more engaged and effective employees

when mentoring and guiding interns. Adding interns to the company can enhance productivity and efficiency.

Improve the overall work environment

With a proper Intern Success Program, employees have a lighter workload, more time for creative or advanced projects, and furthermore,

interns often bring enthusiasm, motivation, alternative views to existing problems and positive energy to the company.

Benefit small- or medium-sized companies

Top talent often go for big-name businesses but with seeking interns, learning and all round work experience is the leading draw card. Candidates feel they'll get more hands-on mentoring opportunities, real experience, and training with smaller organizations. If they enjoy the experience, they may stick around for the long haul.

Interns are more likely to learn and study than permanent employees, to give fresh perspectives, bring in new ideas, processes and systems

Interns coming from a study and learning environment, if utilized correctly can be used to give fresh perspectives, bring new technology, systems, procedures and systems into the company where usually permanent employees are reluctant to think out of the box and learn, or put in time to study new relevant information of the industry.

Recruiting Interns through Internship Success is easier, less time consuming and more efficient

Professional Recruiting is done on a continues basis by Internship Success identifying interns that want to do internships for the right reasons,

and to develop themselves for industry and employment and not just to get stipends and not stay at home. Internship Success have a Database on available Interns ready for placement in most Industries and most functions of business from Management, Finance, Marketing, Management Assistants, Internal Auditing and Technical Internships such as Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Hospitality and Tourism.

Internship Success takes away the hassle of Administration and Coordination between Colleges/Universities, interns and the Company

A well-structured and monitored Internship Success Program will make today's workload more productive and efficient while developing tomorrow’s workforce, as an excellent way to facilitate continues success for the company. Internship Success is  responsible for communication between the Higher Education Institutions, the intern and the company and will in conjunction with the Intern Supervisor   ensure the Intern’s

responsible for logbooks, timesheets and stipend payments from the funding institution and credits for their qualification from the Higher education Institution.

Additional Marketing and Sales capacity through the continues availability of Interns

With an Internship Success Program Interns will quickly know and understand your company’s processes and procedures and need for

additional marketing and sales. This will allow the Interns to be available to do additional marketing programs while permanent employees have to tend to, never to be neglected normal work activities.

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