Management of the Occupational Health

& Safety Act

Health and Safety Training

  • Covid-19: Safety in the Workplace
  • Covid-19 Preparedness
  • Covid-19 Training

Occupational Health and Safety Management

  • Occupational Health and Safety Audits (Standard Audits)
  • Correctly interpret the essential sections of the Act and general understanding
  • Training on duties of employers and employees
  • Carrying out practical, safe, work procedures
  • Carrying out assessments and recommending suitable remedial action
  • Supplying periodic reports
  • Explaining health, safety and environmental principles and procedures
  • Exercising health, safety and environmental responsibilities in the workplace
  • Appointment and training of safety representatives and officials
  • Training and assistance on the completion of general forms
  • Coordination of health and safety, first aid and firefighting training
  • Correctly reporting on IOD and occupational diseases to authorities
  • Training and assistance on accident procedures for supervisors and employees
  • Investigation and reports on incidents / accidents
  • Registration and compliance with the compensation fund
  • Appointment and facilitation of Safety Committee Meetings
  • Initialize and maintain safety kits
  • Safety agreements, safety plans and monitoring of the general process
  • Evacuation procedures and plans
  • Training and Development

Supply of Health and Safety

  • Legislation
  • All documentation required in safety procedures
  • Registers/checklists needed for compliance
  • Incident and accident reports

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